Quality Guaranteed

All-natural ways to help with ailments are becoming very popular, however, the growing demand for botanicals has created a market where a lack of quality, freshness, and safety can be cause for concern. We know that our customers are searching for the most effective botanicals that offer the uncompromising quality they need.  That is why our production process follows the American Kratom Association (AKA) cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) to ensure safe and effective botanicals.  Etha is an approved AKA GMP manufacturer of kratom products and is focused on going beyond GMP.

Long Supply Chains Compromise Safety

Vendors can go through a long process to acquire their botanicals. A supply chain can start with a farm or harvester that supplies leaves to a local exporter. That exporter then ships to local importers. Those local importers work with wholesalers to distribute botanicals. The botanicals then goes to online retailers and shops. This means the botanical can go through at least five different hands before getting to you. That translates to longer periods of time from the moment your leaves are picked before it gets to you. This equals a greater likelihood of added fillers, adulterates, and contamination of your botanicals.  It is no surprise to hear issues with salmonella and inconsistency of effectiveness and adverse side effects.

Directly Sourced Botanicals

At Etha™, our harvesters sustainably handpick whole-leaf botanicals from wild forests.  Once a tree is picked, it does not get touched for at least 3 months to allow for proper regrowth.  That's sustainable harvesting.

Drying the leaves is a critical part of the process.  Most suppliers dry leaves in the sun where the environment is inconsistent.  Sometimes a supplier will even place drying areas next to busy roads where pollution like lead can contaminate their leaves.  At Etha™, all of our leaves are dried indoors with stringent heating parameters to eliminate dangerous contaminants like salmonella.  Once properly dried, the whole-leaf botanicals are heat treated for contaminants and ground down to precise specifications.

Once the botanical is ready, it is shipped directly to our Etha™ laboratory for quality check and testing to verify purity and potency.  If it passes our lab test, we send multiple samples of each and every strain from each harvest to a 3rd-party, independent lab for testing.  We test for heavy metals like lead, adulterants, alkaloid content, and verify that the leaves are nothing but the botanical we seek.  If the botanical passes our stringent quality testing, we determine the right blend of leaves using the alkaloid lab test results to create a full spectrum profile of alkaloids. Finally, we do one last ultra-high heat pasteurization procedure to further eliminate any potentially harmful biologics like salmonella and e.coli.  This pasteurization process eliminates biologics while retaining alkaloids.  We then take your botanical blend and package for sale as powder or press it into convenient and easy-to-use tablets. Straight from our harvester to our labs for testing, treated at our cGMP facility, and quality checked for your safety.

Made in the USA

Our testing, treatments, and tablet-pressing are all done in the USA.  When you purchase any botanical from Etha™, you are getting the freshest, lab-verified , and pasteurized products with guaranteed safety and effectiveness.  If you have any issues, you are covered by the Etha Guarantee.