Loyalty Program


We want to thank you for being a loyal ETHA customer.  Sign up for our FREE loyalty program to earn points for discounts for future purchases. 


- Gold Level (3,500 pt)= 50% OFF coupon

- Silver Level (2,500 pt) = 40% OFF coupon

- Bronze Level (1,500 pt) = 30% OFF coupon

- Copper Level (500 pt) = $15 OFF coupon



- 10 points for every $1 you spend

- Subscribe to our mailing list for exclusive discounts and offers = +400 pt

- Watch ETHA Founder's Video on YouTube = +100 pt

- Share your story on ETHA's Facebook page = +500 pt

- Share ETHA Facebook page = +300 pt

- Visit ETHA Facebook page = +200 pt

- Visit ETHA Instagram page = +200 pt

- Share ETHA on Twitter = +300 pt


Purchase from ETHA Natural Botanicals and invite your friends to earn +250 loyalty points per person.  Your referrals get an exclusive 25% OFF discount too!




STEP 1 - visit www.ethosnaturalmedicine.com 

STEP 2 - Select "MY ACCOUNT"

STEP 3 - Create a username, enter your email, and a password (includes upper and lower case, numbers and symbols)

STEP 4 - See your loyalty points dashboard by selecting "LOYALTY REWARDS PROGRAM"

STEP 5 - Once you are signed in, your current loyalty points total will be displayed at the bottom of the page.  Click on the points to see details and redeem your rewards.


STEP 6 - To redeem your rewards, click on your point total and click "Claim" to see your reward options.  Click on which reward you want, redeem your points, and save.


    Thank you for trusting ETHA with your botanical needs.  We appreciate your loyalty.  LIVE FULLY!