How do we test our botanicals?

Unlike most botanicals vendors, we conduct extensive testing of all our botanicals through our own laboratory and 3rd-party labs.  At Etha™ Labs, we test for botanicals’s beneficial bio alkaloids.  We do an IPA mix and separation process to determine total alkaloid content.  We also partner with 3rd-party, FDA-certified laboratories to do further testing for specific alkaloids like mitragynine and for adulterants and heavy metals like lead.  These labs utilize High-Performance Liquid Chromatography to determine what is and is not in our botanicals.  We make these results available to our customers.  This is how we can ensure our botanicals is pure, unadulterated and consistent.  Click here to learn more about our testing process. 


Are Botanicals Safe?

Etha™ looks at data to ascertain that pure botanicals can be safe especially when used responsibly.  The toxicity level of botanicals is much less than common used things like aspirin and caffeine.  The potential for abuse and dependence is no greater than nutmeg or chamomile.  To learn more about botanicals safety, check out our blog - Are Botanicals Safe? 


How do Etha™ tablets compare to capsules?

Our tablets are made from 100% pure, fresh botanicals.  There are no fillers or additives.  Our tablets are approximately 1/3 the size of a typical capsule.  That is achieved by applying over 5 tons of force when pressing Etha™ tablets.  When someone fills a capsule, they cannot come close to applying that level of pressure.  You get the most botanicals in the smallest form factor when you use botanicals tablets.  Also, tablets sink in water unlike capsules that can float.  There are also no barriers when you use botanicals tablets.  Etha™ botanicals tablets are far superior to capsules.  Click here to learn more about all the different forms of botanicals and why tablets are the best. 


What bio alkaloids are important in botanicals?  What is good for pain, anxiety, mood?

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are the most commonly discussed alkaloids when researching botanicals.  Both interact with your opioid receptors so are good for pain management.  In fact, 7-hydroxymitragynine is being researched for its extraordinary ability to relieve pain without binding to opioid receptors like morphine and other pharmaceutical opioid drugs causing potential addiction and abuse.  While mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are important, there are many other alkaloids in botanicals.  There are two alkaloids that are very similar to mitragynine at the molecular level and have beneficial effects, speciociliantine and speciogynine which are being researched as natural muscle relaxers and can help with healing and recovery.  There are also other alkaloids of interest like raubasine and corynoxine that are being researched for their cognitive benefits as they can help provide additional blood flow and oxygen to the brain.  What we are discovering is that having all of these alkaloids in combination is what is giving botanicals all of its benefits.  Looking at just mitragynine is misleading.  That is why we test for total alkaloid content and make sure all of them are found in our botanicals.  As we discover more alkaloids and learn about their benefits, we will publish on our website.  Click here for more info on alkaloids and lab testing. 


Why does botanicals from other vendors vary in effectiveness?

Botanicals is derived from the leaves from trees throughout Southeast Asia.  Like all plants, botanicals is susceptible to the environment.  The same botanicals tree will produce leaves with different alkaloid profiles throughout the year based on humidity, temperature, watering conditions, fertilization, pollution levels, and animal interaction.  Most vendors will use the same suppliers for their botanicals thinking that this will ensure quality and consistency.  That is not true.  Botanicals harvesters will go out to different forests and rotate their picking areas to ensure the trees have time to regrow.  That means different botanicals is sold at different times.  One of the ways to ensure consistency and quality is to test your botanicals and blend and mix to get to the right levels of alkaloids.  That is what we do at Etha™.  We test to make sure the latest batch of botanicals is free of adulterants and heavy metals.  Once that’s clear, we test for alkaloid content.  From there we will mix different batches of botanicals of the same strain for our Pure botanicals offerings or other botanicals strains for our Blends to make sure you get the right quality and consistency. 


Where do we get our botanicals?

 Our co-founders, Alexander and Victor, have built direct relationships with harvesters throughout Southeast Asia.  We have exclusive access to botanicals found deep in the forests of Indonesia.   Our harvesters continually rotate where they pick  botanicals to ensure sustainability (waiting at least 3-4 months before picking the same tree) and to make sure we have ample inventory and a wide range of botanicals to test and blend.  Botanicals can vary drastically from even the same harvesters, so we do not rely on a single picking location.  In fact, if a harvest does not meet our strict quality guidelines, we will reject it and move to another harvest location.  You can rest assured that we will have quality botanicals for you when you need it. 


How are botanicals tablets made?

Etha™ Natural Botanical tablets are the easiest and most convenient way to keep, measure, and use botanicals.  Etha™ does NOT use any binders, lubricants, or additives when pressing tablets.  We want you to have only whole-leaf botanicals and nothing else. Etha™ is able to make pure botanicals tablets through rigorous engineering of the granulation and press process.  Precise flow, compression, and ratio of botanicals per tablet is required to create 100% pure botanicals tablets that are consistent in weight, uniform durability and appearance.  Learn More


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