Become an Etha™ Retail Partner

As a retailer, you want to focus on your customers and your brand.  You should not have to worry about the quality and availability of your botanicals. That's where Etha™ Natural Botanicals can help.  We remove all the worries of supplying safe, convenient, and effective kratom to your customers.  Etha™ can do it all for you from supplying cGMP kratom tablets to designing packaging that best represents your brand.  We'll have you covered so you can focus on your customers. 

To become an Etha™ Retail Partner, please email us at, fill-out the form below, or call us at 800-862-0341 (M-F 9-5pm PST).  Our helpful team will send you our latest wholesale prices and answer any questions you may have about being retail partner.







    • Etha™ is the only provider of whole-leaf kratom pressed into convenient tablets.  No additives, fillers, or binders are used in the making of Etha™ tablets.  Only 100%, all-natural kratom. 
    • As a USA-based manufacturer, we are local and can provide you with fresh inventory to meet your demands.  No more waiting for overseas deliveries and clearing customs.


Safe and Effective

    • Every strain in every harvest goes through lab testing at both our own Etha labs and a 3rd-party, independent lab.  The tests ensure we are selling only 100% kratom with no adulterants or dangerous levels of heavy metals.  We label each bag with test results and make all the lab results available online.
    • Our USA-based facilities observe strict manufacturing procedures that are above Current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  GMP requires documentation of all procedures.  We go above basic documentation and have created procedures that truly ensure our employees are safe and our products are consistently meeting our high standards.
    • All of our botanicals go through ultra-high heat pasteurization. During the drying step, the leaves are heat treated to eliminate potential pathogens like salmonella.  Once the kratom arrives at our USA-based facility, we filter, press, and quality check.  The final step is a second ultra-high heat pasteurization procedure to eliminate any contaminants and pathogens.


Everything You Need AND Want

    • Etha™ can provide any strain from whatever region you prefer.  We can lab test, heat treat, filter, and press your kratom of choice.
    • Etha™ can also provide customized blends of your choice.  Blends are a good way to provide consistency for your customers.  Kratom alkaloids can vary throughout the year, so blending from different regions and different harvest can better assure your customers are always getting effective kratom.
    • If you want to elevate your brand, a good way is through compelling packaging.  The Etha™ design team can work with you to create packaging that best represents your brand and makes you stand out among the rest. 
    • Etha™ has a dedicated fulfillment and customer service team.  If you don't want to worry about shipping your orders or managing your customers, we can help provide you with best in class shipping and customer service.

The Etha™ brand represent the very best in safe and effective botanicals.  Our packaging is retail-ready and will help you to stand out among botanical retailers.  Each bag is individually labeled with harvest and bag numbers so your customers can look up the test results for their individual botanicals.  No other botanical manufacturer provides this level of transparency and quality.  If you want your own brand represented, we can provide kratom tablets and powders to you at wholesale pricing or design custom packaging for you.

What Do You Get?

  • - Wholesale Pricing on Etha products
  • - White-Label Options (Full Customized Packaging w/ Your Brand)
  • - Tablet Pressing Services
  • - Lab Testing Services
  • - Ultra-High Heat Pasteurization Services
  • - Powder Filtering Services
  • - Fulfillment
  • - Customer Service

  • As an Etha™ Retail Partner, you will have exclusive wholesale pricing to the entire Etha™ line of products.  You will also be able to purchase our premium powders and tablets in bulk for deep discount.  We also offer 'white-label' options so you can promote your own brand with Etha™ quality assurance.  Etha™ also offers lab testing and tablet pressing services.  As an Etha™ Retail Partner, you will have access to our digital assets for your online store.  Our team of designers can also help you with point of purchase displays and marketing collateral.  Etha™ will be there to help you succeed.

    Whether you are an online tea store or running a beautiful storefront, add Etha™ Natural Botanicals' lineup of premium botanical powders and pressed tablets to your offerings. 

    To learn more, please email us at, fill-out the form below, or call us at 800-862-0341 (M-F 9-5pm PST).