Kratom Tablets, The Easy Choice

Etha™ Natural Botanical tablets are the easiest and most convenient way to keep, measure, and use botanicals.  Etha™ tablets are precisely pressed into small, easy-to-use tablets from whole leaves.  They are easy to measure with 8 tablets equaling approximately 2.5 grams.  Etha™ does NOT use any binders, lubricants, or additives when pressing tablets.  We want you to have only whole-leaf kratom and nothing else.

How are kratom tablets made?

Etha™ is able to make pure kratom tablets through rigorous engineering of the granulation and press process.  Precise flow, compression, and ratio of kratom per tablet is required to create 100% pure kratom tablets that are consistent in weight, uniform durability and appearance.

  1. Flow property - the rate in which kratom powder travels through the press. Etha™ uses certain ground sizes and hoppers to maintain optimal flow.  Size does matter.
  2. Compression - the amount of force used to press tablets.  Our press machines apply a minimal of 5-tons of pressure per tablet to get the desired force. 
  3. Tablet weight and size  - the size of the tablet mold/die and the depth of the press which adjusts amount of kratom per tablet is important.  At  Etha™, the depth is adjusted for each and every harvest and strain.  

We hope you enjoy all the hard work we put into making your 100% pure, whole-leaf kratom tablets.  

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