Etha on the Radio

On June 27, 2018, our Co-Founders, Alexander Karp, was featured on the San Diego Union-Tribune Community Spotlight Show.  The show is hosted by Drew Schlosberg, Community and Public Relations Manager for the SD Union-Tribune, and profiles non-profits, community organizations, and heroes that are making a difference.  


Alexander chatted with Drew about Etha’s focus on applying scientific research to advocate for natural medicine and products that include kratom.  Alexander shared his personal story and why he started Etha Natural Botanicals.  He discussed the dangers of synthetic opioids, the benefits of natural medicines like kratom, and the importance of laboratory testing and proper manufacturing procedures.  Alexander also highlights the importance for everyone to reach out to their local government official to share their own story and guide politicians to proper policies.  Find your local representative - HERE

Etha will continue to do more public outreach and media to advocate for natural medicine through research and insights.  We hope you enjoy Alexander's segment on the SD Union-Tribune Community Spotlight Show.  





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